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Wedding Planer in Bhubaneswar

Wedding is the most precious time of life. It brings a lot of responsibilities and worries. Plenty of things about which you have to give a thought like locations, the theme, outfit, catering, makeover, decoration, and many more. However, as a professional, we carry out all these in a very decorated and disciplined manner to give out a happy, joyful, and successful wedding as per your choice within your budget.

The Royal Party Decor grounds a myriad of innovative staging enchanting designs in different segments such as-venue decoration, stage decoration, pathway, mandap decoration, buffet stall, light decoration, flower decoration, fiber decoration, and other decorative designs as chosen by our esteem clients. All these decorative blends are beautifully touched by our designers. One is better than another are sincerely remarked by our clients over the year.

Haldi Ceremony Planner in Bhubaneswar

Haldi function is held a day before the actual matrimony along with the Sangeet function is a music and dance event. A bright, vibrant celebration of preparing for all the magic of a wedding, Songs that are about weddings are played; women dance together and laugh together. They rejoice in all that love and marriage are! Every Haldi ceremony deserves a special Haldi décor. Assign to The Royal Party Decor this job to make this event a memorable one. Flowers are important when it comes to Haldi decorations. Decoration for the Haldi ceremony has to be catchy. We use bright flowers in the shades of yellow, orange, and red to light up the place.

Mehendi Ceremony Planner in Bhubaneswar

One of the most important aspects of a Mehendi function these days is the Mehendi decoration. An afternoon of Mehendi a few days before your wedding is one of the times when you get to spend some fun moments with your close ones. We are here to assist you with some beautiful Mehendi decor to create that perfect backdrop for those fun clicks with your girl gang. Having a pretty Mehendi decor means having the prettiest pictures that you can look back in awe. Bright floral outdoors with photo booths and a well-decorated jhoola is the norm these days. However, if you are confused about what type of decoration you should have, then The Royal Party Decor will be happy to discuss some of the amazing decoration ideas for the same.

Flower Decorator in Bhubaneswar

The Royal Party Decor has never been simpler or an improved worth. Our reasonably priced flowers and gift ranges start from the lowest prices and we present a variety of delivery options to outfit your budget for the same day or midnight flower delivery. All flower orders are centrally dispatched by us and we make sure that you obtain the full value of the flowers being delivered.

Birthday Party

Planning for a party and organising an event has become a difficult task for people today. It is because people are busy running behind in their profession to earn money for their living. In their busy schedules, they hardly find time to plan and organise events like birthday parties. An event planner is a lifesaver for people who do not have time to plan out their family functions. Birthday parties for your children are the most enjoyable because parents, family, and friends can enjoy themselves together and have a good time. Birthday event planners make the party more enjoyable for the hosts as they take up the responsibility of organising the birthday party for your kid. We, as a birthday party planner, undertake various services for hosting your kid’s birthday party. Some of the notable services include: arranging for a birthday party venue; decoration service; catering service, etc. Our Role as Birthday Event Planners: Our significant role is to take care of everything that is required for a birthday party. We interact with our clients to learn about their kids' age and interests. We also enquire about the number of guests expected, the budget for the party, etc. These inputs help us plan for the birthday event with great perfection. We Arrange A Perfect Venue: We are experts in identifying the right birthday party venue based on the preference of our clients. We also offer excellent decoration services based on the theme of the birthday party.Working On New Ideas: As an expert, we came up with several innovative ideas to make the birthday party a grand hit. We help parents select creative themes for their children’s birthday parties. Offer Best services: As a professional and experienced event planner, we are in close contact with various service providers offering different services for birthday parties. We can select the right service provider for all the services required. We identify the best birthday party venue, best design and decoration, return gifts, magician, anchor, caterers, and other staff required for organising a birthday party. Birthday Event Planner: It is always good to seek the help of an event planner to organise a birthday party for your kid. Professional birthday event planners can make the event a grand success and make the guests of the birthday party happy and satisfied. The event management company is in rapport with the various service providers like decorators, caterers, etc., so they offer them attractive deals. So you can rely on your birthday event planner and organize your birthday party within your budget.Thus the role of the birthday event planner listed above makes us feel that they offer various services and allow us to enjoy the party. Their role played in organising a birthday party into a grand success is evident from the article above.

Wedding Car Decorator in Bhubaneswar

Wedding car decorations add a lovely finishing touch to your wedding vehicle and it looks so classy.

Every bidai ceremony must have a wedding automobile decoration as the bride departs for her new residence. Nowadays, grooms either use their own automobile to drive the bride to his house or rent a fancy vehicle. You may select a marriage vehicle ornament that matches the colour and model of the automobile depending on your own preferences. 

Here is a selection of several wedding automobile decorating designs to serve as inspiration for you as you plan your big day, so you may show the florist or decorator!



Light and sound

Making your visitors feel appealing is one of the finest strategies to make sure they enjoy your party. People relax, lose their inhibitions, and enjoy themselves and others more when they feel beautiful.

Lighting your guests like movie stars is a simple technique to make them feel alluring. Too strong or bright lighting does more to detract from the festive atmosphere. Who wants to dress up and mingle in their dentist's office, let's face it?

How then do you create the ideal party lighting? Follow these guidelines for the ideal party lighting:

Use candles, Use table lamps, Use low-wattage bulbs, colored glass etc 

Hire best Light and sound Decorator in Bhubaneswar Call Now- +91- 9861969007

Thread Ceremony Decoration

Vrat-bandhan, Upanayana, and Munj Many names, one message: your young child is become an adult! So much so that a ceremony to mark his transition into maturity includes an initiation and he is given a sacred thread to represent the transmission of spiritual knowledge. The entrance of the batu into the mandap will be heralded by a shower of garlands and a vibrant musical performance by dancers and singers dressed in nauvari; it will be a sight to behold!